Graduate School of Information Environment

Develops engineers who play an active role in the 21st century, keeping an eye on the progress of information-related science and trends that shape the future society

The basic education policy of the Graduate School of Information Environment is to foster capabilities and cultivate international engineers who demonstrate research skills, originality, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The School encourages graduates to acquire expertise pertaining to sophisticated information technology and to develop their academic research capabilities concerning the information environment.

Information Environment Technology

Master of Information Environment

Trains graduates to flexibly adapt to and advance the rapidly progressing information environment

The 21st century has seen rapidly changing technological innovation in the information environment. This program trains graduates to become leaders in creative research, innovative development, and application of the latest technologies responding to the needs of industry. It also gives them broad, up-to-date technical expertise in survey and planning skills.

[ Sections]
• Educational System Technology
• Information Network Engineering
• Intelligent Information Engineering
• Multimedia Engineering
• Medical and Welfare Engineering
• Spatial Design
• Communication Engineering
• Information Science

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