(As of 5/1/2019 unless otherwise stated)

Gross area

All campuses and grounds 698,665.41 m2
Tokyo Senju Campus 26,221.39 m2
Saitama Hatoyama Campus 348,469.68 m2
Chiba New Town Campus 205,058.00 m2
Tokyo Koganei Campus 22,023.48 m2
Tokyo Senju Campus Sports Ground 7,918.86 m2
Hiraoka Multi-purpose Ground 88,974.00 m2

Number of books, journals and magazines held

Total 215,843
For students 199,805books
For research 16,038 books
Journals and magazines 2,089 titles
Electronic Journals 7,470 titles
Electronic books 51,000 titles

Number of laptops and desktops owned

approx. 8,700

Employment rate

Number of students who wish to work after graduation 1,619
Number of students who have received job offers 1,612
(Graduates as of March 2018)

Placement ratio by industry

Number of job offers to TDU students

Ratio of job offers to job seekers per student approx. 9.0
(Nationwide average per student: 1.7, Source: Recruit Works Institute, as of 3/31/2019)

Ratio of job offers received from top 3 choice companies

Ratio of Job offer received from Top choice Company 63.1%
(Source: TDU, as of March 2019)

Number of students

University 9,917
Graduate Schools
Advanced Science and Technology (Doctoral program) 43
Science and Technology for Future Life (Master’s Program) 274
Engineering (Master’s program) 320
Science and Engineering (Master’s program) 232
Information Environment (Master’s program) 55
Undergraduate Schools
System Design and Technology 796
Science and Technology for Future Life 1,602
Engineering 2,807
Engineering (Evening Division) 735
Science and Technology 2,745
Information Environment 308
High School 807
Junior High School 479

Number of faculty members

868(Graduate and undergraduate schools only)
Full-time 346
Part-time 522

Number of alumni


Top 25companies from which TDU graduates received job offers over the past five years (From March 2014 to 2018)

Company Name Number of students Listed Company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange: ○
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 77
East Japan Railway Company 47
NEC Corporation 42
NEC Fielding, Ltd. 32
Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd. 30
Kandenko Co.,Ltd. 29
Tokyu Community Corporation 28
Fuji Electronic Co.,Ltd. 28
Taisei Corporation 27
Pioneer Corporation 26
Toyota Motor Corporation 25
Suzuki Motor Corporation 25
Daiwa House Industry Co.,Ltd. 25
DTS Corporation 24
Hitachi,Ltd. 22
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Texeng. Co.,Ltd. 22
Central Japan Railway company 20
Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. 19
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. 18
Fujitsu Co.,Ltd Inc. 18
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. 17
Minebea Mitsumi Inc. 16
Azbil corporation 15
Hitachi Automotive System,Ltd. 14  
NTT Data corporation 13

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