Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology

Develops engineers who possess broad vision, international perspectives, and strong research and knowledge-creation capabilities

The Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology encourages students to acquire sufficient abilities to independently conduct research activities with a broad vision in an internationally competitive research environment. The School develops engineers with highly creative research and development capabilities, as well as university-level teachers who possess skills in both teaching and research, who are qualified to support research institutions in every sector of industry, academia, and government.
The School comprises eight majors, but the wall separating these majors is permeable; professors and students can easily acquire information about relevant fields. There are also various research organizations affiliated with the university, and truly cutting-edge research programs are under way through international research collaborations.
Moreover, the Graduate School has proven itself capable of responding quickly to the mergers, collaborations, and combinations of research activities necessary for the advancement of research in both interdisciplinary and merging fields, and for the advancement of the international joint research that will be increasingly required in the future and for the development of new research fields. To promote communications with the world beyond the campus, the School also actively recommends participation in activities of academic societies and international conferences, and offers financial assistance for such participation. The School provides an environment for teachers and students to focus on their research activities.

Mathematical Sciences

Doctor of Science

Trains creative graduates in the field of mathematics while researching and teaching across the disciplines of mathematics, chemical physics, and systems science

An interdisciplinary approach to mathematics and chemical physics, the pillars of basic science, adds a mathematical perspective to researching and teaching complex and large-scale engineering, system theories obtained by modeling human society, and concrete calculation methods.

[ Sections]
• Mathematics
• Chemical Physics
• Systems Science
• Seminars and Conference Courses

Electrical and Electronic System Engineering

Doctor of Engineering

Promotes research and education with a global and international outlook in areas where electric and electronic engineering integrate with information processing

This program conducts basic and advanced research and training in electrical and electronic engineering and information processing, as well as interdisciplinary areas, training researchers and top-level engineers to acquire creativity, foresight, and flexible thinking.

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• Electronic Machinery
• Electronic Power Systems
• Measurements and Systems Control
• Physics of Electronic Materials and Electron Devices
• Electronics and Information Processing

Information, Communication and Media Design Engineering

Doctor of Engineering

Educates creative researchers and engineers to contribute to the world by improving self-initiative and providing both a high level of expertise and a broad knowledge

This program promotes basic and advanced academic research in fields related to information communication and media engineering, and imbues graduates with an international outlook and a sense of self-initiative for research in a wide range of fields.

[ Sections]
• Information and Communication Engineering
• Information Systems and Multimedia Design
• Information Environment

Mechanical System Engineering

Doctor of Engineering

Promotes fundamental, practical, and critical research relating to the mechanical systems found in almost all industrial technologies

This program focuses on fundamental research in the field of mechanical engineering and related systems, aiming for results with practical applications. The Program also trains graduates to contribute solutions for the technological problems confronting modern society.

[ Sections]
• Material Mechanics and Processing
• Design and Production Systems
• Energy and Environment Systems
• Heat and Fluid Systems
• Meteorology and Control System
• Opto-Mechatronics Systems
• Man-Machine Systems

Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Doctor of Engineering

Trains engineers to resolve complex social and urban issues through a new paradigm that integrates architecture, civil engineering, and the environment

This is not a conventional course that researches architecture, civil engineering, and the environment separately; this program aims to train engineers in new interdisciplinary paradigm and to imbue graduates with the problem-solving abilities required in a complex and diversified society.

[ Sections]
• Architectural Safety and Computing
• Architectural Planning and Design; Town Planning
• Environmental Engineering and Building Equipment
• Disaster Prevention
• Environmental Engineering and Planning

Materials and Life Sciences

Doctor of Engineering or Doctor of Science

Combining material sciences, life sciences, and environmental studies, this program develops a new academic discipline that takes in the whole of humanity, industry, and society

To cultivate engineers and scientists who can deal with the problems faced by a developing society – including the environment, resources, energy, and social welfare – the Program integrates the traditional disciplines of materials science, life science, and environmental studies. Research and training of this program are aimed at building an academic discipline capable of taking on the whole of humanity, industry, and society.

[ Sections]
• Life Engineering
• Life Science
• Organic Materials
• Materials Science and Engineering

Advanced Multidisciplinary Engineering

Doctor of Engineering or Doctor of Science

Develops existing technologies and creates next-generation technologies to provide scientific and technical support for human activities

This program trains graduates with the leadership qualities and international outlook necessary to create the next generation of technologies and to develop existing advanced science-and engineering-related technologies, as well as encouraging innovative support in the areas of human production, lifestyle, medical care, social welfare, disaster prevention, and other fields.

[ Sections]
• Human Adaptive Mechatronics
• Medical Electronics
• Urban Disaster Mitigation Engineering


Doctor of Informatics

Researches information science and media science from a variety of perspectives, including the physical sciences, engineering, and information sociology, with the aim of developing an information society

Aiming for research and education in information science, the foundation for an advanced information society, and media informatics, which puts information to use in society, this program equips people with the advanced research and development skills required by an IT based society.

[ Sections]
• Computer Science
• Media Informatics

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