Graduate School of Science and Technology for Future Life

Fosters engineers who can propose, design and realize comfortable, beautiful, safe and secure life space to enable intellectual activities in the future society

The School teaches students three basic majors – architecture, information systems and multimedia design, and robotics and mechatronics – and integrates them as a multidisciplinary major to foster engineers who can understand and incorporate these different areas of technologies.

Architecture and Building Engineering

Master of Engineering

Trains creative and individualistic experts who combine professional skills with a well-rounded education

The Program trains designers, engineers, and researchers to apply their professional skills and inclusive education in a manner that emphasizes enjoyment of the natural world and continued coexistence with the finite ecosystem on the planet.

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• Spatial Design
• Engineering Design

Information Systems and Multimedia Design

Master of Engineering

Presents media studies as engineering with the aim of expanding the research area for information and media, and developing interdisciplinary and sophisticated research

The Program trains experts with foresight and imagination to undertake research with an overarching perspective of fields related to communication technology, network configurations, and computer use.

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• Multimedia
• Information

Robotics and Mechatronics

Master of Engineering

Trains graduates who can synergistically consolidate basic technologies to address new challenges

This program combines studies on basic technologies that are conventionally studied separately; namely, computer and information engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and control engineering to encourage students to find synergies and build new academic disciplines with more advanced capacities.

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• Information Driven Systems
• Mechatronics
• Robotics Design

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