School of System Design and Technology

Aims for new value creation based on knowledge and skills of engineering and human science

The School develops knowledge and skills necessary for system design and technology, cultivating in its students abilities that enable them to integrate technologies from various and different fields.
Building on students’ advanced knowledge and programming skills regarding information system technologies, the School focuses on developing new information system technologies that will become the core network for collecting, accumulating, analyzing, and utilizing big data stably.
The School also deepens students’ understanding of each field of design engineering, combining cross-disciplinary knowledge with engineering principles to create new academic fields of study that enable students to develop and evaluate new products and services against a broadly informed framework.

Department of Information System Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Cultivates expertise and practical skills regarding advanced programming, computers, networks, and data science

Graduates of this department are trained engineers with highly advanced computer and network knowledge, programming skills, and the ability to develop advanced information and communication systems for collecting, analyzing, and mining of data – experts in working with big data and cloud services that are required by today’s IoT society, where everything is connected online. In addition to teaching knowledge and skills, the Department also enhances engineers’ ethical values and abilities to adapt to globalization.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Computer Networks
• Software Development (Programming)
• Data Science

Department of Design Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering

Fosters engineers who understand essential human nature and have sophisticated design aptitude

In a multi-faceted contemporary world, excellence in design requires the ability to observe “products, services, and space” from users’ viewpoints and to turn the ideas into reality.
The Department cultivates students who can not only design a technical process from the planning to the user’s review but also design the whole process sensitively with engineering knowledge and skills based on an understanding of human emotions and behaviors.
This policy leads to fostering students who can work actively on a global stage.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Design Engineering
• Engineering and Human Sciences
• Design Evaluation

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