Message from the President

Take the initiative to think, decide, and act.
We develop researchers and engineers who understand the hearts and minds of others,
and who have a discerning eye capable of contributing to society.

Tadahiko Ibamoto President and Professor Tokyo Denki University•Completed doctoral course in Department of Architecture, The University of Tokyo. D.Eng.
•Representative of Japan, the Executive Committee of the Implementing Agreement on Energy Conservation through Energy Storage, International Energy Agency (June 2006-March 2017)
•82nd President of The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineering of Japan (May 2008-May 2010).

For more than 110 years since its foundation, Tokyo Denki University (TDU) has used our founding spirit of “Respect for Practical Study” to develop researchers and engineers who possess a high level of expertise and are capable of contributing to society.
When envisioning future society, in order to solve issues such as a declining birthrate, aging population, and depopulation of rural areas, a super smart society will be realized by incorporating advanced technology such as the IoT, AI, and robots into daily life, and science and technology will fulfill an even greater role. Still, creating innovative technology that contributes to the resolution of issues is no easy task. It is important to review hardware, software, and social systems, and to cultivate proposal ability and technological ability with a broad perspective that focuses on the psychology and behavior of human beings.
TDU seeks to supply society with even more undergraduate and graduate students who take the initiative to consider the correct and necessary course of action, engage in critical thinking, make decisions, and act without fear of failure. These students will possess the spirit of “In the technology Breathes its Creator,” which is the fundamental educational and research ideal of our university. Producing such students will enable us to achieve our mission of “developing human resources who contribute to society by technology.” Furthermore, the cultivation of such students will lead to “recognition of TDU as a leading science and engineering university,” a goal which is stated in our mid- to long-term education plan TDU Vision 2023.
I would like students to experience a large amount experiments and practical training, cultivate the ability to think independently, delve deeply into ideas and proposals, hold repeated discussions with colleagues, formulate solutions, and move steadily toward the future one step at a time. Based on TDU’s fundamental educational and research ideal of “In the technology Breathes its Creator,” all of our faculty and staff will work their hardest to support the process of independent learning and growth by our students.

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