Message from the President

Understand that Internet of Things (IoT) is now base of Society; make it as food for the mind to nourish the next 100 years

Hiroshi Yasuda President and Professor Tokyo Denki UniversityCompleted doctoral program at the University of Tokyo. Worked for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (known as NTT) and the University of Tokyo as a professor. Emmy award winner for his contribution to international standardization of JPEG and MPEG digital coding formats. Multidisciplinary cybersecurity technology advocate.
Received Medal with Purple Ribbon.

Since its founding more than a century ago, TDU has made significant contributions to society, especially in science and technology. Our mission is to continue this good tradition of cultivating highly advanced and specialized engineers and researchers who exemplify our founding spirit, “Respect for Practical Study,” in action.
In retrospect, the twentieth century was an era in which Monozukuri, that is, “craftsmanship in manufacturing”, enriched all our lives. Now, nearly two decades since the turn of the century, we must apply that same standard of excellence to producing not only materials but also minds – minds that are prepared to “Make knowledge become a reality” in a new way of contributing to society. This century’s most important factory floor will be in IoT, where goods, knowledge, and ideas are inseparable. Therefore, we need engineers and researchers who can ensure that people who live in the IoT remain safe and secure, and who can enrich people’s lives by building wisdom and sensibility into everything produced, fostering Monozukuri, within both “head and heart.”
The educators who guide our graduates recognize this trend, and know they are responsible for nurturing the young people who study at TDU. They also should emphasize how important respect of people who have different cultural backgrounds is, since the world will become more borderless and, therefore, multicultural interaction will become much more frequent and inevitable in this movement. They understand that what should be learned, what goals and dreams should be realized, and what we should contribute to society must harmonize with cyberspace.
In this century, TDU will go through rapid and profound changes. To make our next 100 years shine, it is important that “all those who come to TDU regard the change and harmony as food for the mind, and keep contributing to society.”
To that end, TDU continues to position itself for the future, and is ready to launch you toward the next 100 years.

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