School of Science and Technology for Future Life

Develops engineers who can create rich “future life spaces” through the integration of different fields

The School of Science and Technology for Future Life is aimed at preparing engineers to envision and design life spaces for our future society.
The School promotes unique education and research systems concerning “living space” (architecture), “intelligent space” (information systems and multimedia design), and “dynamic space” (robotics and mechatronics). Through learning curricula that integrate these three fields, we foster engineers who can understand technologies and ideas in different fields, engage in diverse ways of thinking, and maintain a broad, comprehensive view for creating future life spaces.
To ensure that students master the fundamentals as well as an advanced specialty, the School offers consistent learning curricula from undergraduate to graduate school.

Department of Architecture

Bachelor of Engineering

Trains designers and engineers who combine a well-rounded education with practical skills in architecture

It is the role of architecture to create peaceful and enriching spaces, and to support a safe and comfortable lifestyle. To build this future for architecture, the Department equips designers, engineers, and researchers with the practical skills to work on the international stage.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Architectural Planning and Design
• Dwelling Environment and Interior Design
• Architectural History, Urban Planning and Design
• Environmental and Facilities Engineering
• Structural Engineering

Department of Robotics and Mechatronics

Bachelor of Engineering

Provides expertise applicable in a wide range of fields by training in four core engineering areas: mechanical, electric and electronics, information, and control

Advancing students’ expertise in mechanical engineering, electric and electronic engineering, information engineering, and control engineering, the Department develops trained engineers with a good command of mathematical modeling skills and the design skills necessary to learn advanced mechatronics technologies.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Machines and Control
• Information and Control
• Electricity/Electronics and Control

Department of Information Systems and Multimedia Design

Bachelor of Engineering

Connects people, society, and computers to deepen understanding of information and media

This department integrates media studies and computer science. By deepening students’ understanding of information and media from the perspectives of design, expression, and technology, we train the human resources who will support the foundations of the advanced information society and who can create the next generation of technology.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Creativity – Computer Graphics/Video and Music Expressions
• Web-Related Technologies

  • Designing comfortable future living spaces through cooperative efforts among the three departments
  • An educational system to provide professional capability and cultural enrichment
  • Consistent learning curricula from undergraduate to graduate school

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