School of Engineering

Develops engineering experts who have international vision and competence

There is currently a need to develop unique and innovative technologies that contribute to the world. Those who assume this mission are the engineers and researchers who promote the development of cutting-edge technologies. The School of Engineering aims to develop high-level engineers required in the science and technology fields that will be the backbone of modern society – professionals who will continue to be in demand in the future.
The School of Engineering emphasizes education that encourages students to learn the engineering fundamentals and that elicits spontaneous ideas from students. The first year features workshops in which students can experience the joy of design and manufacturing.

*The School of Engineering (Evening Division) – This school is for students who work during day but who wish to use their evening hours to further their education.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Presents electrical and electronic engineering from a new viewpoint and teaches highly advanced technologies systematically

The Department provides students with the appropriate knowledge and skills with respect to power and electrical instruments, electrical information systems, and electrical devices so that they can play important roles as engineers in a wide range of industries. The Department emphasizes the cultivation of students who can keep themselves informed and who consider the well-being and welfare of humanity.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Electrical/Electronic Knowledge and Skills
• Electronic Information Systems
• Electric Devices

Department of Electronic Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Understands the basic and the big picture of electronics, optics, and information technologies, and enhances employability

The Department trains engineers in a wide range of knowledge and skills, from the fundamentals to the advanced, with respect to the electronics, optics, and information technologies that serve as platforms for such common electronic products as smartphones, personal computers, LED lights, and Blu-ray recorders.
The Department also improves students’ research abilities and global employability as engineers/researchers.

[ Fields of Study ]
• High-functionality Home Electric Devices and Appliances
• High-functionality Materials/Optical Devices
• Electronic Information/Optical Transmission Systems
• Manufacturing/Control Technologies

Department of Applied Chemistry

Bachelor of Engineering

Prepares students for four environmentally conscious fields, with a focus on researching new technologies for "sustainable buildout"

The field of eco-friendly materials is expanding as we seek to break the vicious and unsustainable cycle of large-scale production and consumption. Students of this department will add to the roster of materials that are eco- and user-friendly, indestructible, and cost effective for environmental preservation.
The Department cultivates students who can actively conduct research in the field of applied science to contribute to building a safe, comfortable, and sustainable society without reducing our standard of living.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Organic Chemistry
• Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry
• Physical Chemistry
• Chemical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Delivers basic knowledge and practical skills to mechanical engineers

The Department emphasizes the fundamentals to foster excellent generalists with applied skills with respect to understanding the main areas of mechanical engineering: materials, machines, fluid, and heat.
The Department also trains mechanical engineers to apply their skills and intellect toward playing significant roles in rapid innovation and growth in contemporary society.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Heat
• Design/Processing
• Fluid
• Oscillation/Control
• Materials

Department of Advanced Machinery Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Teaches manufacturing from the fundamentals to advanced technologies in machinery engineering

Manufacturing products for our future society requires a solid base of basic knowledge and skills upon which to build. The Department conducts research and education regarding not only basic machinery engineering but also advanced machinery engineering, such as information, computer, optical sciences, and medical engineering. Students gain the basic and advanced technology knowledge of machinery, measurement, control, and precision machining that will enable them to work in a wide range of industries.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Monozukuri (Advanced Manufacturing)
• Medical/Welfare Instruments
• Advanced Machineries

Department of Information and Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Focuses on developing global networks through broad-based study and exchanges with the industrial world

The Department trains human resources in the social skills necessary to work independently as engineers, providing them with applied skills and insights along with a strong education in information and communication engineering, including information technologies centered on computers and communication technologies.
To help develop their professional character, the Department provides students with opportunities to interact with industry and offers a wide variety of programs, from computer and communication systems to signal processing technologies and acoustic imagery. The students become versatile information and communication engineers who can understand hardware and write computer programs.

[ Fields of Study ]
• Communication Technology/Communication Network
• Multimedia
• Computer Systems
• Information Processing
• Mobile Devices

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